Monday, April 27, 2009

Parker Brothers games continue

I don't think I should have had two boys so close together.

Especially Parker boys.

Let's the last few days, I have:

Thrown them out of the garden.
Found them brushing their teeth in their bathroom, with their toothpaste, but with our toothbrushes, cleverly stolen from our bathroom. This was being done while sitting on the counter with their feet in the sink with water running in it, again.
Had to separate them umpteen times at bedtime (think, every night but one for the last week) and make Skyler go to sleep in his Pack-n-Play in our room, thanks to them standing up and gleefully bounding around their beds every time I put them to bed and walk out of the room.
Caught Skyler umpteen times after he has climbed out of his Pack-n-Play to return to his "bog boy bed," as he calls it.
Thrown them out of the garden again.
Rescued the broken tomato plant from my garden, which Seth assures me "Skyer byoke," not him. It's in water in the windowsill in the living room now.
Thrown them out of the windowsill where they had spilled the water of said tomato plant.
Found them standing by the road (thank God for the "it's quiet around here" sixth sense).
Discovered (too late) that Skyler fell into a hole about three feet deep in the yard. (Thankfully, he was unhurt, just soaked to the knees. Again.) Seth was the one to alert me to this situation, nonchalantly informing me, "Skyer fell in the dirty water." Sure enough, when I raced to the door to check, he was sauntering up the driveway, soaking wet.
Thrown them out of the windowsill where they had spilled the tomato plant's water again, and sopped up the water once more.
Found Skyler standing on a stool stirring a bottle of grape juice with the handle of a spoon.
Stopped both of them from ripping all the leaves off a decorative bush by our porch.
Rescued (or tried to rescue) my herbs as the boys gleefully marched through my garden again.
Tried (in vain) to vacuum around the two of them, who plant themselves directly in front of the vacuum and laugh like maniacs while I try to get the dirt out from under them.
Found them pouring Bragg's Liquid Aminos (a healthful soy sauce substitute) on apples and eating them. (?!) (They had already finished off the lemon juice onto the apples--the bottle was lying empty on the floor.)
Discovered Skyler on the laundry room counter, having used a bar stool to climb up, and peering into the washing machine looking for the water. ("It all gone.")
Found them gleefully climbing all over big stumps in the bushes, just beginning to get tangled in the blackberry bush thorns. (I caught them just in time to keep them from getting hurt.)
Found them stealing biscuits from a platter.
Cleaned up after they both threw their plates full of food on the floor, laughing like maniacs at each other's apparently incredibly funny antics.
Repeatedly tried to stop them from poking their fingers through a hole in the screen door.
Listened to hundreds of "cookie!" jokes, which consist of replacing some word in a sentence with "cookie." That, apparently, is very funny to a three-year-old. VERY funny. So funny that it's been going on for weeks now. "Mommy wants to read her...COOKIE! Ahahahaha!"
Had to discipline amid repeated giggles. No matter how sobering their consequence, the fact that they BOTH got in trouble, and BOTH had a blast doing it, seems to outweigh all of Mommy's remonstrations.

And so on. The upside of this is, they consider each other hilarious, and are becoming best friends, which is why I wanted to have them close together. (Although, not THIS close together, for sure.)

Still, it's really sweet to see them show love to each other. Yesterday we went to visit some friends who have sheep. Seth, always the wary one, grabbed Skyler and pulled him away from the fence as the sheep approached. "He hurt you!" he warned.

And today, Seth came to me after my stern warnings about not getting close to the road (which, fortunately, isn't very busy anyway). "I sowy I went to the woad, Mommy," he apologized. So something's getting through somewhere, anyway....


Sarah said...

way tooooo funny!!! (melody M. told me about your blog and I love reading it!! i have 2 kids, 19 months apart. you can read all about it over at my blog where some of the same antics happen as at your place. The fun of Motherhood!! :)

Christy Joy said...

I love those boys! Seriously. I wish I was going to be here over the summer to take them off your hands for an evening.