Sunday, April 12, 2009

One more lap around the house

Sibling rivalry is still alive at our house. (I know you're shocked.) A few nights ago during worship, the boys had a big fight because Seth was pretending to pick pictures off of the pages of the book and eat them. Not to be outdone, Skyler started doing it too. This was, of course, followed by battling over who had "eaten" which picture first.

Another worship recently, Skyler clambered into my lap at the beginning. Daddy wasn't here, so that left Seth and Anaya spots on the couch. "I want to sit on you yap!" Seth wailed.

"Sethie, you and Skyler can take turns," I reminded him. "This is Skyler's turn."

Seth had a better solution. "Mommy," he pleaded, "go to the store and buy more yaps!"

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