Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AL-cohol and other evils

Grandma has just visited us, and brought a deluge of delicious, unfamiliar foods that we now have to learn to avoid again. This morning Anaya asked, "Mommy, can we have ice cream every time we eat healthy food?"

"No," I responded. "It wouldn't help you to be healthy and strong."

"But we would eat healthy food too!" Anaya contemplated this for a few minutes, then launched into Story Time with Auntie Naya.

"Once upon a time," Anaya began, "MY girl found some AL-cohol. She thought it was water and juice, so she drinked some. And she thought it tasted very yummy! And then she drank lots of al-cohol, and--" she gesticulated wildly, "she started just doing whatever she felt like doing! [This is a reference to recent conversations about people who choose what to do based on what they FEEL, not on what they know is right.]

"Then, my girl listened to some music. It was bad music, and it made her feel like doing bad things! And then she didn't obey, and she did bad things. And THEN...she ate lots of CANDY! And she ate an' ate lots of sugar and did whatever she felt like doing. Then some bad people came, and made choices for her. [a reference to hypnosis] And she ate cookies..."

"I want took-ies," interrupted Seth, eagerly caught up in this part of the story.

"Well, I took away the al-cohol," Anaya went on, ignoring Seth, "and I gave my girl water to drink, and juice to drink. And then when she tasted the al-cohol again, she said, 'Yucky! No way!' And I gave her healthy food to eat, so she ate it. And then she wanted to eat candy, but she knew it was bad. So she ate healthy food."

"I want took-ies!"

Apparently the audience didn't catch the moral of the story. One wonders if the author did either.

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