Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bible time again

"Mommy, can we stay with Kirsten and Craig for as long as we stay with Grandma?" Anaya asked me today.

"Well, no, but we can stay with them for about as long as we have been at Grandma's already," I answered.

Anaya threw her arms in the air in delight. "Bless the Lord!"


Anaya was contemplating what to name her new doll the other day. Then her face lit up as she announced, "His name shall be called...Jesus!"


I don't know what he was so happy about, but Seth looked up at me last night with a big grin on his face and shouted, "Hal-a-woo-ya!"

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Christy said...

oh! i wish i could have witnessed the "hal-a-woo-ya!"

speaking of seth, did you ever get the pictures from Graduation sabbath? I have them on my desktop in a folder labeled "Parkers"