Friday, May 2, 2008

Ten rules in our house (but not ones I wrote)

1. If Mommy shuts the bathroom door, drop whatever you are doing, go to the door, and beat on it. Howl.

2. If Mommy is on the phone, drop whatever you are doing and cling to her, bellowing. Or you can attack your brother. Either brother will do.

3. Whatever someone else picks up first is the only thing in the world you want to play with. Try to take it from the other person. Howl.

4. Trains are sacred to Sethie. All trains belong to him. If you are not Sethie, try to take them from him.

5. Everything pink and purple belongs to Anaya. This applies to dishes, clothing, toys, straws, etc. If you are not Anaya, too bad. You are too little to take them away from her.

6. Whatever Mommy makes for a meal is not the best thing to eat. Beg for something else.

7. If Mommy is in the kitchen, she is there because she wants to supply you with food. But she wants you to ask for it in a certain way. Cling to her leg and beg for it.

8. There's always something cool in the trash can. Peek in and find it. If there isn't, find something cool and throw it in. Your toothbrush is always an excellent choice.

9. Binkies must be squirreled away in unlikely places. Under the couch is not creative. 'Nuf said.

10. Mommy and Daddy's laps are the best places to be. Especially if someone else is already there.


Okay1 said...

Love your new blog! :) Thanks for keeping us up to date.

Brandon said...

Hey bonzobuddybear! (???) You draw some wonderful word-pictures here! I'm inspired :)