Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Slug kisses

Everyone has their first kiss, and some are more wonderful experiences than others. Skyler has now had his, and I don't know how the experience was for him, but since I was on the receiving end, I thought you might enjoy hearing about it.

I had just picked him up and was holding him in my arms, when he looked up at me with this gleam of adoration in his eyes. Then he leaned over toward me and planted a slobbery smackeroo right on my lips. Of course, he was slippery with drool from his nose to the bottom of his chin, and all across his cheeks, so it kinda felt like the equivalent of being kissed by a banana slug.

I can pretty much guarantee you wouldn't have found it as delightful as I did.

I guess it's one more proof, being a mommy has turned my brain to mush. Or slime.

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