Monday, August 11, 2008

broken legs

"Mommy, I can't walk! I can only run!"

"Really? What a tragedy."

"Oh, Mommy! My legs are broken! I need med'cine."

"Hmm. If your legs are broken, how can you run?"

"It's just the way my legs are. They're broken! I need med'cine!" She lowered her voice to a more conspiratorial tone. "Pretend the grapes are med'cine."

I handed her a bowl of sliced grapes Skyler had rejected. "Here, sit down and take this medicine."

"I will take it with me." Anaya scooped the bowl into her doll stroller, then switched into movie director whisper again. "Tell me to take all of it right away."

"Take all of it right away!" I ordered, and she dashed off to her room.

Another emergency arrived promptly. "Mommy! My yeg b'oken! Need med'cin." Not very much, apparently, because he flew off behind his sister to see what was next in the script.

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