Monday, August 11, 2008

Financial planning

Yesterday I indulged in a time-honored family tradition, one which I hardly ever get to enjoy anymore. I went yard-saling. (Didn't find anything, by the way.) Anaya would have loved to come along, but she settled for giving me instructions. Having heard my declaration that you can sometimes find great things, she put in her order.

"I want a Samantha dolly, like the one I saw in the pictures."

"Those are expensive dollies, Anaya, and I'm not paying that kind of money for a doll. Forget it." (Like I'd let her play with a hundred-dollar doll even if we had one.)

"But I want one!"

"Get a job."

"But Daddy could work harder. And then he could get the money to buy one!"

"Daddy's not working any harder."

"But I want a dolly!"

"Too bad." (You're getting the idea now of what a hard-hearted mother I am.) "Daddy can't work any harder, and if he could, we wouldn't waste the money on a doll."

"Well, I have an idea," my little entrepreneur continued. "YOU can get a job! Then you can work. You can do something that nobody ELSE can do," and more pointedly, "something that I can't do. Then YOU can get the money to buy me a doll."

"Sorry, Anaya. You will have to get a job, work and pay all of your money to buy the doll."

She sighed. "But I don't like to work."


MoziEsmé said...

So young to have figured that out already. I think I was at least in 3rd grade when I decided that!

Thomas said...

This is the funniest story I have read! Hopefully Anaya will someday decide to like work!

bonzobuddybear said...

Yeah, we're working on that... :D Yesterday she briefly changed her mind and became a "happy helper."