Sunday, August 17, 2008

When cleanliness is nowhere near godliness...but had better develop some

So it was bathtime tonight, as usual. The boys were first, so I caught Skyler, then Seth, and popped them in the tub. (Seth escaped when I called, so I had to spank him and then pat kisses onto his penitent bottom after he proclaimed himself "sowy.") While I was undressing them, the phone rang, so I answered it and settled into talking to a friend. I went out of the bathroom for a moment to get pajamas for the boys, and returned to an unwelcome sight: a "log" in the bathtub.

"Oh, Sethie," I groaned. "Is that yours?"

"Yets. Look, guckies!" (At least he's honest.)

I hauled both boys out of the bathtub, let out the water and commenced cleaning and sanitizing everything. Skyler, standing beside me on the bathroom floor, suddenly sprouted a leak. Right onto the clean towels I had laid out, of course. He marveled in glee at this talent, so rarely displayed openly. I groaned and kept cleaning the bathtub.

Then Seth called to me. "Wook, Mommy!" I looked around and saw that they were both cheerfully fishing in the potty.

"No! Stop!" I dashed over and removed their hands from the water.

Back I went to cleaning the bathtub, then started filling it with water. "Come here--hey, stop that!" I spanked them both for playing in the potty again, then re-deposited them in the warm water and quickly scrubbed them down. Anaya and her little friend Aileana visited the bathroom periodically to add to the general mayhem. "Mommy, come look at this!" "Mommy, can Aile and I..."

Keep in mind, I was still on the phone, trying to have a serious conversation with a somewhat distraught friend.

Finally I fished Skyler out of the tub and dried him off (don't ask what towel I used; they were big towels, anyway). Halfway through dressing him I realized I was putting him into Seth's pajamas. Oh well; he fits into them fine. Seth just doesn't fit into his. So I returned Skyler's pajamas to the boys' room and retrieved another set for Seth. I returned just in time to see Seth adding to the water in the bathtub. "Wook, Mommy!" he pointed in delight.

So, out went another batch of water. Two kids down, one kid still to go.

But they're awfully cute.


Christy said...

now that's a crazy evening! and i'm sure you accomplished all of it with much grace. PLUS successfully counseled your distraught friend.

Joelle said...

Oh my... Thankfully God made women good multi-taskers for a reason.