Wednesday, August 6, 2008

wan' go pot-tee!

I'm trying to potty train Sethie. I repeat, trying. It's not working very well, mainly because he's very cheerful about not being potty-trained. "Does Daddy wear diapers?" I ask grimly. "Does Mommy? Does Anaya?"

"No!" he answers glibly.

"Are diapers for big boys, or for babies?"


"Are you a big boy?"


"Then do you want to wear diapers?"

Pause, then giggle. "Yets!"

Yesterday we had a long day of, "Sethie, do you want to go potty?" "Sethie, how about sitting on the potty?" All such suggestions were met with varying versions of, "No, don't want go pot-tee now."

Until bedtime. Suddenly as I was carrying him to bed, he wailed, "Mommy, I wan' go pot-tee now!"

Which is what he wailed for the next half an hour. "I wan' go pot-tee!"

And no. No way. I am NOT going to let him get out of bed so I can sit on the floor by the potty for an hour, reading him stories.

Because I already tried that last month. And it didn't work anyway. I may look dumb, but I only fall for something once.
Anyway, hold your breath--right now he's sitting on the potty. (That's our lone America's Funniest Home Videos video he's watching--guaranteed to keep him sitting still.) I took a picture to preserve the record for posterity. And to prove, when he's out playing soccer with his teenage friends at age 16, still in a diaper, I can prove, I DID try.

So there he sits, little piece of candy in his hand (he patiently holds it until he pees), waiting for the big moment.

And by the way, aren't those cute pink butterfly wings on his back?

Skyler, on the other hand, is a much more enthusiastic potty patron.


Joelle said...

LOL, those pictures will be priceless someday. Just make sure you have them backed up because when they're older and tech savvy, they might want to delete them. :-P

MoziEsmé said...

Those butterfly wings are perfect for the occasion. Absolutely.