Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who needs words?

Anaya loves to "read" to herself. She has a blast taking a pile of books to my bedroom and sitting on the bed, loudly "reading" to herself. Recently she invited her friend Aile (that's pronounced like "Ellie") to come join her.

"Can you READ?" Aile asked, wide-eyed. Aile is the same age as Anaya, and though both of them are ardent ABC fans, that's pretty much all they do.

"Well," Anaya acknowledged, "I can't read the WORDS. But I can read!" she assured Aile. "I just read what I WANT the book to say!"


Joelle said...

ahh, perfect time to get kids to start memorizing the Bible. :-) When I was that age, my mom made "books" with pictures on one side and Bible verses on the other and pretty soon I had Bible passages and chapters memorized because we read them every day.

Christy said...

wow, that's what my mom would do too. she would draw word pictures on one side. and then joel and i would color them in during worship time :) :)