Friday, April 25, 2008

and ON and ON

The ants are still marching. Anaya was washing them down the sink in the bathroom yesterday again. "I thought they were your friends," I commented.

"Oh. I forgot."

I saw a whole tribe of them gathered around a silver spoon in the playroom this week. Apparently the kids must have coated it with peanut butter or something and left it out, maybe as a sort of sacrifice to the ant gods. (Maybe it was to atone for the caterpillar that two wide-eyed boys accidentally sent to his eternal rest a few days earlier--but we won't go there.) It looked like the ants were all working together to haul the spoon off to their house. Actually, I thought THIS was their house. They might as well put it away.


MoziEsmé said...

Poor little ants! W

hen I was "studying" ants with Esmé (I do themes every day with her), we fed the ants as our act of kindness for the day. (She actually fed herself and the dog more than the ants.)

Now I realize I may have been creating a soft-hearted monster - is it too late to change the tide?!

Joelle said...

haha. Anaya is so funny!