Friday, April 18, 2008

Expect a miracle

It's Friday afternoon, officially. At this moment, just to give you a snapshot of my life, I thought I'd randomly tell you what is happening.

Anaya is sitting at the table, supposed to be eating the Korean jap chae I made for lunch. Instead, she is making letters on the table with her noodles. The boys have already finished eating, although judging from the mountain of noodles I pulled out of the seat of Skyler's high chair, they'll need to eat again soon. Currently, however, they are wearing mesh laundry hampers over their heads and chasing each other around the house, shrieking. I have a loaf of bread cooling on the stove and another batch of dough ready to rise in the bread pan. As soon as we finish lunch, I want to run the dishwasher so it can be empty and ready for Sabbath dishes to be hidden inside. Alan is supposed to be home sometime soon, but he's busy finishing the last Bible study with a student he will be baptizing tomorrow afternoon. And before I wash the dishes, I'll have to scrape the noodles off of Skyler's clothes, which are now in the kitchen sink. (He's presently running around the house in a diaper and socks, with this neat slime of drool down the front of his adorable little chest.) I have a list of 22 things I need to get done today sitting beside me on the table, one of which is packing, since Alan and I are supposed to be leaving at 4 pm to go with the South East Youth Conference leadership group to a sleepover retreat at Cohutta Springs Camp. So far I've done seven of the things on the list. Alan, of course, read my list this morning and told me there was NO way I was getting even to sixteen or seventeen, but hey, who knows, right?

So why am I blogging? Maybe the kids will clean the house if I wait.

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Joelle said...

And I thought my Fridays were crazy. I have Fridays off from work so I try to clean my house, cook, do laundry, and sometimes run errands, all in the same day... I can only imagine what your Fridays must be like!
Well, I hope you got your miracle. ;-)