Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Biting words

Have I mentioned that Anaya wants a kitty and a doggie? This is a prominent theme of conversation these days around our house. I've explained that we can't have a kitty or doggie until Anaya can do her responsibilities with a happy heart (i.e., put her pajamas away, make her bed, be nice to her brothers), but that is apparently too high a goal to ever be reached, so she doesn't bother to aim for it. However, she is not shy about informing God of exactly what she has in mind.

My friend Cathy was visiting and watching Anaya a couple of weeks ago while I was gone. Seeing the neighbor's dog wandering through our yard, she banged on the window. "Go away, Doggie."

"Why did you DO that?" exploded Anaya, throwing her arms wide in dismay. "Didn't you KNOW I've been PRAYING for a doggie?"

Cathy thought fast. "That was a biting doggie," she explained. "You need to pray for a doggie that doesn't bite."

Anaya marched over to the window and looked up. "Please, dear Jesus," she pleaded, "send me a doggie that doesn't bite!"

1 comment:

Joelle said...

Maybe Anaya needs to be praying that her parents will have a change of heart and let her get a doggie. j/k. ;-)
(Of course, her mommy realizes that SHE, not Anaya, will likely be the primary caretaker of Doggie.)