Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big boy

Yesterday the theme of the day seemed to be Sethie being a big boy. First, I got up the guts to give potty training another whirl. (Only moderate success.) Amid enthusiastic cries of, "You're such a big boy, Sethie! You don't need to wear baby diapers anymore!" he reluctantly agreed to try it (the bribe of bits of candy helped). Then Anaya's new bed arrived, which promoted Seth (finally!) from crib to toddler bed. "Wow, Sethie, you get to sleep in a big boy bed now!" He was very excited by this new development.

Then I gave him a haircut. At first he succumbed to the process with little protest, but after twenty minutes he wanted to get moving again. "But Sethie, you're such a big boy. You can sit still a little longer," I coaxed.

"I not big boy," he grumbled. "I yittle."

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Kelsey said...

I wish I could still say that too... lol