Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hearts on fire

"Mommy, Mommy!" Anaya shrieked. "There is a pretend FIRE in the house! Help, help!"

"Alas! what should we do?" I gasped appropriately. "Quick, quick! Do something!"

"Don't worry, I'm a firefighter," she assured me. "I'll go spray the fire with water!" She sped to the playroom to make good on her promise, leaving just as Seth flew into the kitchen, shouting, "Fire, fire!"

"Oh dear! Should you run grab your toys?" I asked, wide-eyed in mock terror. "What should we save?"

Seth wrapped his arms around my leg. "I'll save YOU."


Christy said...

I love this one :)

Thanks for your stories, Mrs. Parker. They've made me smile.

MissionSK said...

big time!

Joelle said...

Awww, that is totally precious!