Friday, September 5, 2008

The high cost of...Eden...or eatin'?

Sabbath preparation was not a popular idea this afternoon for Anaya. I told her to pick up all the books on her bedroom floor and reminded her that her bed still wasn't made. From the kitchen I could hear the resultant rumblings. "I hate working! I work so hard all the time. I work even more than you do! Why do I have to work so hard?" And then the clincher. "It's NOT a blessing!"

I decided it was time for another little talk. (As you can tell, this is not the first.) I went in her room and sat down on the floor with her. "Anaya," I began, "When Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden, who gave them work?"

She sighed. "Jesus."

"And why did He give them work to do?"

"So they could have money to buy food to eat."

(That, of course, was followed shortly by, "Mommy, don't laugh at me!")

After a little more discourse on the value of self-discipline, learning to use our time wisely, and how work helps us to learn to be like Jesus (you can tell I'm going to be the lecturing kind of parent), I warned, "Now, I'm still going to have to spank you for your attitude. First, though, let's pray. Are you ready to pray?"

Anaya nodded. "Dear Jesus," she began, "Please help Mommy to understand that when she spanks me, it hurts my feelings. It hurts me even more than when she says things loudly to me! Help her to know how MUCH it hurts my feelings..."

Have I mentioned lately how much fun I get out of parenting?


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Lynne said... old is Anaya? She sounds like the twins...they are 15 now...