Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's have a potty

I searched Toys R Us in vain for a pint-sized chair for Anaya to sit in at her new school desk, with no cartoon characters. No luck. So I settled for a pink one with a mermaid on the back of it, reasoning that since she has never watched The Little Mermaid, it would have no significance to her and would escape much notice anyway.

Not so. Today she sat down beside me, looked at the mermaid picture, and asked, "Mommy, how does she go potty?"


Potty training is in full force now. (Seth had only two accidents today!) I guess that is what makes the potty topic so hot. Anaya also found it necessary to ask me today, "Mommy, does everything in the world go potty? Do trains go potty?"

(You may be able to guess my answer to that one. But for those who wonder how to answer the mermaid one, I told her she takes off that ridiculous costume and goes just like the rest of us.)

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