Friday, September 26, 2008


This week we went to get a family picture taken for the church directory. Anaya reveled in the opportunity to spend a little while camped in the foyer of a church with a captive audience of virtual strangers, other people waiting for their pictures to be taken.

"Do you know what?" she announced the moment we walked through the doors. (No hi, how are you, my name is Anaya...) "Mommy is giving me CRANberries. That's because, the night before today, I had OWIES in my BOTTOM." She pranced past the line of giggling people. "Do you know, I am still wearing my pa-JA-mas?"

I ushered her pointedly into the bathroom to get dressed for her picture, and suggested a few things that it might be better not to tell everyone out there about. No problem! She dashed back out the door and continued unabated. "Want to see how fast I can run if I'm in a race?" She darted back and forth. "Want to see how fast I can run if someone is chasing me?" (Sethie obliged.) "NOW you can see how fast I can run--"

"Let's put on your shoes," I interrupted, looking for a way to halt the performance.

She flounced toward me. "Mommy," she responded proudly, "wasn't that a good presen-TA-tion?"


saskmilkmaid said...

No doubt you've made some attempt at teaching her the concept of death to self--or is that still over the head of a 4/5-yr-old? I'd be curious what kind of "sermon" she'd come up with if you had reminded her that "not i but Christ" should be the subject of our pre-sen-TA-tions. :) She seems to be an expert at embarrassing Mom so she might succeed even when preaching.

Long Family said...

This is too funny! Tyler and I talked about what life will be like when Isabella can start telling everyone our business! Oh no!