Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Split personality

“I want to be a mother NOW,” Anaya informed me when I walked out of the bedroom. “Can I be a mother?” Seth stood expectantly beside her, apparently ready to have a new mother.

“Well, you’re not quite ready yet. You need to…” I paused to figure out what to cover, “know how to work and clean the house.”

“I know how to work! Please let me be a mother. You go back to bed.”

This was a bit of a laugh for us, but I let her pour cereal and milk for her brothers (and help wipe up the milk that spilled). Then I noticed a familiar smell. “Sethie, do you have a pee-yew diaper?”

A quick assessment showed I was correct. “So, do you still want to be a mother, Anaya?”

A new look crossed the face of our budding mother. “Uh…okay.”

I got everything ready, then handed Anaya a wipe and had another good laugh at the uncertain look on her face. She took one tentative swipe at his backside, then handed me the wipe with a new confidence on her face. “I think we will be two mothers,” she announced.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“YOU will be the mother who changes diapers.”

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