Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hops and hopes

Seth and Skyler recently had a little fungal scalp infection. It was very mild, and I only noticed at first because I was picking absently at a little flaky spot of Seth's scalp and several hairs came off in my hand. I took him, and later Skyler, to our dermatologist friend, who prescribed some medicine. I hadn't really talked to the boys much about it, but of course they had been around when I had talked about it with the doctor, Alan, etc.

Apparently Seth absorbed more information than I knew. At least, more than I knew until today when he commented to me, with a little question in his voice, "My hair not going to fall out."


Today at naptime I read Sethie a few stories, then told him, "Okay, Buddy, naptime. Hop into bed."

He leaped toward his bed with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. "Hop!" he shouted.

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