Wednesday, October 8, 2008

See with new eyes

Having a few spare minutes this afternoon, I decided to empty the trash. I brought our bathroom trash basket into the kitchen to empty it into the kitchen trash. Skyler bounced into the kitchen after me and grabbed the empty trash can. "Hat!" he squealed.

Getting a whiff of him, I made my own exclamations, and set off to remedy the situation. While I was changing his diaper, however, he had another revelation. Grabbing the closest thing that looked like a toy, he slipped it on. "Hat!" he pronounced joyously.

(At least it was the clean diaper.)

In the meantime, Anaya wandered into the room and found the trash can Skyler had abandoned. "Oh, look! A hat!"

(And in case you might be familiar with African pot holders, yes, that is one in her hand, which she had temporarily transformed into a shepherd's rod.)

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