Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

Yesterday Anaya asked if she could go out on the front porch and "read the Bible." "I just want to be alone, Mommy," she confided. I let her, and from the sounds that floated in through the window, I judged she was having a great time--sitting on the steps singing and talking to herself, "reading" her little pink New Testament.

Sethie thought it sounded like fun too. "Mommy, I go porch to wead too?" he requested.

I poked my head out the door. "Anaya, Sethie wants to come out on the porch and be with you."

"No, Mommy, I want to be by myself. He might disturve me."

"But Anaya, you know what the Bible says," I reminded her, "you should love your brother as you love yourself, and do things to make him happy."

She didn't even pause to ponder. "I didn't read that verse yet!"

Despite my sympathies with her desire for a few moments alone, I did let Seth come out on the porch. (Amid wails of, "He might dis-turve me, Mommy!") Within a couple of minutes I heard shouts of a different sort. "Mommy, look what we found! A roly-poly!" Joy and gladness were restored all around.

At least, for everyone except the poor roly-poly bug.

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