Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Name recognition

Sethie is developing quite a little sense of humor already. This week when I was driving with the boys, I saw a herd of cows. "Look, Sethie! Cows!" I called toward the back seat.

"Dose not cows. Dey horses," he chortled.

Skyler's linguistic skills are taking off too, amusing us in other ways. Tonight, Skyler surprised us all by sashaying up to Saralyn (our lifesaving babysitter, who the kids adore) and calling her by name.


"He knows my name!" Saralyn gasped.

"What's her name, Skyler?" I asked, pointing to Saralyn.


This was greeted with cheers on all sides, from Daddy, me, Saralyn and her sister Karie. (Skyler was more delighted than anyone else, particularly at the unexpected shower of praise.) "Finally!" Saralyn laughed. "I'm not 'Daddy' anymore!"

Sethie rushed over to investigate what all the cheering was about. "Sethie," I prompted, "what's her name?" I pointed to Saralyn.

A naughty grin crept across his little face. "Daddy."

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