Monday, October 20, 2008

I appeal unto Caesar!

Skyler's name ought to be Me Too. Or maybe I'm Big Too. He is utterly enamored with the prospect of being as big as possible.

Which is probably why he's adopted a new name for Daddy. (No, it's not Mommy anymore.) Apparently he has noticed that the biggest people who come around our house (a.k.a. college students) have another name for Daddy: Dr. Parker. And since Skyler wants to be the biggest boy around, it follows naturally that he decided to address Daddy by this new, "big boy" name.


He is not deterred by the howls of laughter that this provokes in his parents, who are still somehow unable to hold back the giggles at his self-importance. Or the gentle corrections, that this is "Daddy."

This morning I put on a worship video for the kids while I was having my own devotional time. Skyler, however, had determined that the only video he wanted to watch was about bugs. "Buds!" he pleaded repeatedly.

"No, Skyler, it's worship time now. It will be bug time later," I kept replying firmly. Eventually he was reaching hysteria, so I warned him he was going to have to go back to bed if he didn't stop crying.

Suddenly he decided to invoke a higher authority. He sobered and looked me in the eye. "I want see Paka."

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Olivia Leigh Photography said...

How funny! What cute kids! Maybe we should all start calling him Dr. Paka... lol